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Jobs For the Future – Automotive Industry

Posted on May 28, 2019 in Uncategorized

If you are interested in cars, you should check out jobs for the future in the automobile industry. With unemployment rates reaching all time highs, job security has become a priority for many individuals. The Automotive service industry has a variety of opportunities for those interested in a hands-on, service-oriented career. The right training is essential, however, and prospects are prizewinning for those who have completed a technical degree. The automotive industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated and technological, so proper training is important.

The automotive industry offers jobs that appeal to a wide range of interests, and options for development abound for those with the right training. Jobs in the automotive industry range from hands-on assist technicians to management positions. There are also opportunities for individuals to specialize in a specific area such as Paintless Dent Repair, Detailing, Engine Repair, or Customer Service. This list can go on and on.

One promising area of specialization in the automotive industry is in diesel engine repair and service. The Department of Labor reports that diesel engine technicians held a large number of jobs and are expected to grow through 2016. Usage of diesel engine vehicles is rising steadily, as more trucks and buses are utilized to ship freight across the country. And experts predict that the rising ingest of diesel engines in buses, trucks and increasingly, passenger vehicles, module render new jobs in the field. Another area that offers a whole new distinction of impact in moving sales and assists is the huge growth of alternative render vehicles. Faced with incredible pressure to reduce dependence on gas and reduce emissions, most automobile producers are today on a fast track to offer electric cars and hybrids. Alternative render vehicles open up a whole new area of automotive jobs. For those graduates who hit had the proper training in hybrid engine maintenance, electric cars can offer enthusiastic career opportunities and long-term job security.

The “Family” Business – The Godfather’s Business or the Automotive Repair Shop?

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When somebody mentions “the Family Business” I think of a well dressed, old and skinny Italian man with a scratchy voice and has a name like Tony or Sammy. My Grandfather, who I’ve mentioned in some of my other articles, definitely fits the bill. With just one glass of a good Chianti wine, you might find him in our garden patio, rocking back and forth, singing Italian love songs for hours. He was indeed a short, skinny guy, who talked in a voice very similar to the Godfather and at the age of 80 he still had a full head of gray hair. Give him a mandolin and it was almost like being in an old Italian movie.

Well let me get back to what “Family” means to me in a Family Business (beyond that old Italian theme). It doesn’t matter whether it’s an automotive service business, like Sandy and I operate, or a cleaning business, a landscaping business, or even a street sweeping business. You see, when Grandpa owned businesses in his younger days, it was his name, his word, and his values that he was offering. He wasn’t fixing transmissions, brakes, or air conditioning like we do. Grandpa was painting murals on grocery store windows. But like us, he knew if he didn’t deliver good quality work for his customers, his name would be ruined and he might have a hard time finding work – especially in a tight nit New England town. That’s why I like working with businesses here in Austin that are family owned. Businesses that are family owned are much more likely to stand behind what they do because they’re offering far more than a product, their offering the meaning of their word and their reputation.

In the automotive business, a family owned business is more than just an automotive repair facility. A family owner, and his hand picked team, can be “trusted” advisors of what you “don’t” need to do as well as what you might want to do now to avoid bigger problems down the road. They’ll get to know you and your car so they remember what was worked on last time and how the problems you may have experienced before fit with what’s happening now (or not). It doesn’t matter whether you’re fixing transmissions, brakes, or air conditioning, or your fixing a dishwasher. Family owners tend to care and so many are so very trustworthy.

Family owned automotive repair is much like a family doctor and his trusted nurse practitioner and small administrative staff. In a big hospital conglomerate where Dr’s might be overworked and see you once or twice in an emergency room, they aren’t going to care about you as much as Dr. Mulligan who will be with you for years as your family doctor and knows you and your family’s names and watched your kids grow. In addition, although the hospital doctor might ask you a few questions about what happened to you in the past, he’s really not going to put it together the same as Dr. Mulligan who was there treating your family’s health issues with you.

I guess that kind of sums it up for how I feel about family businesses. Many small businesses are indeed family businesses, so when you hear somebody say they are a small business, you may very well be hearing somebody offering the luxury of a family business. More than likely, it will be a business from which you’ll enjoy years of great service.


Co-Branding in Automotive Service Businesses

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In a world of co-branding, point of destination strategies and co-op marketing; all industries are evolving and diversifying to capture greater profits within a single brick and mortar location. The same strategies are used on the Internet only you can see it happen faster in real time on Internet web sites. In general much of the new thinking has been customer driven due to lifestyle changes, low unemployment, time factors and quality of life issues of the consumer.

If you look at which now sells tapes, records and toys when previously it was strictly a books sales site. It can quickly add new revenue streams by offering it’s customer base more reasons to buy more things. Do you to see the revolutionizing effect of this trend? We have on-line search engines being paid million dollars from car companies and furniture companies for their industries exclusive rights to e-commerce directly on those sites. As Starbucks begins to sell house wares on their web site, and Home Depots add McDonalds inside their stores and Bank of Wal-Mart opening it’s own brand of bank within its 5 superstores; you have to think that ‘express detailing’ at car washes is simply a natural. progression.

Many professional detailers would disagree saying these types of services are different animals. Some complain that fixed site car washes have ruined the true definition of the term detailing. Yet if you look closely this is nothing more than true capitalism in a free market system generating additional revenues with existing resources.

Think about it for a minute. Professional Detailing Centers often do glass repair, window tinting, pin-striping and graphics, gold plating, ozone treatment, dent repair, color sanding, upholstery repair, wood grain paneling, and even after market auto accessories. These are all industries in their own right and these industry leaders with their own definitions and trade publications and accepted operational procedures complain about other competitors in other market sectors offering similar services as professional detailers. They say we are stealing their customers and not providing the same quality workmanship as the craftsmen do in those industries, which may or may not be true.

For example a person specializing in upholstery repair for twenty years can obviously do a better quality job than a detailer on fabrics of almost any type. You are affecting his bottom line with an inferior service since you don’t have 20 years experience in upholstery repair understanding the dynamics of thirty different types of fabric, dyes, and manufacturers suggestions for preservation. Should he be mad at you for offering a greater array of service to you customers? No, the upholstery craftsman will need to have his own set of value added services and products he can offer to his customers such as removing and replacing seats and headliners and using the highest grade fabrics and stainless steel screws. You must have a specialty or an area of expertise, but you must also understand and then cater to the needs and more importantly the wants and desires of your customer. If you don’t know their wants and needs, ask your customers directly in an informal survey or indirectly during conversations. If you fail to honor this advice, that’s okay your customer will be serviced by your competition instead. Think about it.