The Dealer Blueprint For Success With Automotive SEO

It goes without saying that the auto industry is very competitive with huge marketing budgets and huge revenues monthly. Given that, you would expect that auto dealers would have a dealer blueprint for success with their internet marketing strategies. Surprisingly most of the dealers are in the dark when it comes to the one key aspect of their online success, Dealer SEO or Dealer Search Engine Optimization.

How many people actually use the internet to search for cars though? Is it really that necessary for dealers to excel online? Do they really need to follow a Dealer Blueprint for internet marketing? The numbers are maybe the most impressive for a local industry. Over 80 percent of auto buyers shop and research online for their vehicle purchases! Quite obviously, dealers have to find a way to get ranked on page one for their products and services locally.

Dealer Rankings – SEO or PPC

As with all businesses auto dealers have two ways to get placement on page one of the search engines, where 90% of the clicks occur: SEO or PPC (Pay Per Click). Let’s start out with PPC because that is where most dealers put their online marketing budgets and thus their hopes to get on page one. With PPC, a dealer is running a short term strategy that is very vulnerable to external factors. Most prevalent is the risk that another competitor can outbid them for their most important keyword terms.

If this happens a dealer has to just accept defeat or start bidding higher than they wanted to for those keywords. Neither scenario is a great option, but that is the nature of the beast. Oh by the way, the Pay Per Click sponsored ads get about 10-20% of the total clicks to share amongst all the competing ads. Conversely the natural or organic listings on the left side get the lion’s share of the clicks with upwards of 90% of that market share.

Dealer SEO – Follow a Dealer Blueprint to Success

For Dealer SEO most auto dealers depend on their web vendor to do their SEO for them. Unfortunately they end up in a situation where their web vendor could be working for them AND their competitors right in their own back yard. In that scenario they end up without a competitive advantage and an SEO service that everyone with a good web vendor has access to.

Dealer SEO is so competitive and it needs to have a Dealer Blueprint of success to really separate a dealer from its competitors locally. Otherwise they are all doing the same thing. A solid blueprint will follow a success strategy for Off-Page Optimization that truly sets them apart from their competitors. Link building is another term for Off-Page Optimization. With link building you are creating hundreds if not thousands of relevant links outside of your own site, pointing back to your site. The search engines love this and consequently reward dealer sites that do this. There is much more to learn on this and many more concepts to cover than I have space for in this particular article. But I will leave you with two important points to understand.

  1. The number one position in the natural listings of Google gets about 40% of the total clicks. Think being number one is important?
  2. The top ranking Dealers from around the country follow a Dealer Blueprint that uses Dealer SEO and Off-Page Optimization to dominate their local competitors online.