Used Audi – The Fashionable Used Car Choice

There seems to be an ongoing war in the fashionable stakes by a few competing car companies recently. The most obvious one to my mind is the one that exists between BMW and Audi. These two German powerhouse (or should that be Powerhaus?) manufacturers have spent the last decade or so competing for the same market share and as a result aren’t what you would describe as ‘firm friends’.

What is truly interesting about this rivalry is the swings and roundabouts effect that seems to dominate their popularity. One minute the Audi models are seen as the ultimate car to be seen in, the next moment the BMW is the de rigueur car of choice. So how can you be sure that you are buying the most fashionable car if they are constantly jockeying for positions?
The simple answer is that you can’t. With the frequency and intensity that these two warring brands trade blows and swap positions it would be an impossible task to choose one car that would remain on the top of the tree. The best option available to the discerning BMW or Audi buyer is to make a choice and stick with it.
It has to be said that the best way to buy Audi or BMW cars is to keep one beady eye on the used markets as prestige cars suffer rather gigantic depreciation and become a great deal more affordable to those of us with less extravagant salaries. My personal choice would be the Used Audi market, as this seems to be where the lion’s share of the bargains lie.